Stadium Security

Keeping spectators safe in crowds of 50,000 or more isn’t easy. Our security solutions are designed to help ensure fan safety by combining exceptional image detail and powerful search capabilities so you can quickly respond to events. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC’s comprehensive solutions are designed to help security operators keep spectator incidents to a minimum and comply with strict industry regulations. Our access control solutions combined with our easy-to-use video management software provides a seamless experience.

Our high-resolution cameras provide stadium operators the ability to cover broad areas and maintain situational awareness while zooming in to identify and quickly respond to potential security events—even in low-light conditions. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC Appearance Search™ technology is a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence search engine for video, designed to help you quickly find a specific person or vehicle across all cameras throughout a stadium. With video search that’s as easy as searching the internet, our software helps you reduce response times and minimize disruptions to spectators.

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