Safety Film Contractor

Window films hold glass in place during catastrophic events, such as terrorist attacks, inadvertent bomb blasts and foul weather. Increasingly, government and commercial building owners are protecting their glass with the installation of these films. Our installation contractors work can be found on a number of the country’s most significant buildings.

There are many types of architectural window film, such as solar security, safety security, decorative, and UV rejections; each are designed with a special purpose. With so many options, this can be a deterrent in getting started. It’s best to educate yourself and focus on a couple. Pick three or four films that perform well, look great, and only show those to potential clients. Call us to find the correct film for your needs.

Apartment complexes have oversized sliding glass doors and windows that permit direct sunlight. When the sun’s rays find their way in, they heat up the spaces and hike utility bills. This gives the HVAC system a hard time trying to regulate temperature inside your business. According to statistics by the International Window Film Association, professionally installed window film can minimize cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. It can also minimize unwanted solar heat gain by more than 80 percent.

Our security contractors design each work order based on each individual clients needs. Call today for Business Security Systems Installation, Design, Repair and Upgrades 1-888-344-3846

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