Category: Testimonial

by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

A Happy Community

I am the President of my Board. Your fiber optic installation has been a godsend to me and the community. Your team upgraded our internet and television. The members stop me and say how they just LOVE the internet and tv!! With the other
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Good Picture Quality

These are good cameras with great picture quality. We have slow internet at our shop off of our house and they still work good! Set up was a little difficult but mostly because of the slow internet speed I think and had to buy
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Commercial Security Saves Us Dollars

This company is up and coming and I think they are great. I have first hand experience and I am certain of two things. Fiber optics is the future, and the people that serve do so with passion. It is saving my business a
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Great system

Great quality for the price. Picture is clear have the hooked up to a 32″ tv really like the app that i can watch my cameras anywhere. and that i can make clips and download them onto a scan disk. very happy with my
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Best customer service

The people working in this company are very knowledgeable. They teach me very well how to use the keypad. This company has one of the best monitoring system and they are always help me whenever I need their help. Justin T.
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Best professional security service

Your installers were recently at the facility where I work. They were both extremely professional and polite. They worked diligently to complete the fiber optic install job and cleaned up after themselves. Their work is clean, neat and precise. Thanks to them both for
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Makes me feel safe

Needed an alarm monitoring service and safety fit for purpose my expectations. Good and supportive service on the phone and quick to help. I plan my vacations with them so, my house is always watched. Rachel B.
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Fast and Reliable Security Contractor

Our new Fiber Network has been providing fast, reliable internet for our coffee shop and patrons for several months. The service is so great that we refer Keith to all the shops in our center. With multiple users always needing to be online it’s
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Amazing experiences with this company

Nothing but amazing experiences with this company. Want to thank-you so much for the quick wonderful service in helping me switch from a landline to cell phone service. Thanks to your team for exceptional customer service! Ann V.
by Staff / on 3 November, 2018

Fiber Security is the 21st Century

Our company moved into a new office and needed all new network installed. Your team provided fiber optic cabling in the office as well as design and installation of two conference rooms. The audio visual system you installed is incredible. We fell that you
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